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Suggesting to You in Slooooow Motion. Critical News, 28th April 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 28, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I spent half a day of my life on Saturday with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).  Getting caught in the rain wasn’t part of the deal (oops, I think Indomie has that plug).  Boy, it rained.  Torrents of it.  I could barely see more than fifty meters on the motorway as I headed out to Tema.  Four accidents and two hours later, I pick up my “helping hand” who would take me through the whole process of car registration.  We came out from a very efficient, tagged and uniformed testing center; fast, easy and organized, no one asked for a bribe and I paid the publicized twenty-three cedis and forty-three pesewas and exited after a brief paper inspection.  Private enterprise.  Sweet.  Making our way to the DVLA in Tema, navigating potholes, half submerged in trenches and rivulets, all roads leading to the DVLA a mess of arterial connections.  The reason was clear when we eventually got there.  The yard was full of “license contractors”.  Nobody wears a uniform or badge.  Don’t know who works there and not and I am listening to my masterful guide explaining the mechanics of how to do this in the fastest possible time.

As it is, the process is very simple.  Give the man a whole lot of money, don’t ask any questions and just sit back.  Well, I couldn’t do all that, so I parted with the cash and raised some objections.  End result?  It cost me three and a half hours of my life.  My money had disappeared and all I had was the trust of a guide I did not know from Anabi Issah.  Now I understood why the insolence of potholes and where the DVLA money goes.  I got the number plates in the end, a square and a rectangle, I asked for two rectangles and I was shown the yard next door where business is brisk and you buy an additional plate if that is what you want.  And I am not joking, after I asked that they press me a rectangle, DUM!  Now I am convinced someone has my number and I am going for deliverance when the Election Petition is over.  It took another 38 minutes off my life waiting for SOR! Read the rest of this entry »

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Supremus Rex, Waddup With The Archeology? Critical News, 21st April 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 21, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I am sitting on a bench, my back against a wall at the Weija DVLA office, waiting to be called.  My castigation for not coming forth with the required “aseda” if I am to get my lost licence replaced today.  Forty-seven minutes into purgatory, I am watching Dufie (not her name at all, I have nicknamed her such, a reminder of another Dufie I know elsewhere) trying to sell Malta Guinness to all and sundry.  She is a very attractive girl, beautiful large eyes set in an oval face, held up by a not too long neck with a slight wrinkle and a body that can match Alicia Keys.  She is wearing black spandex just to below knee level and a tight fitting top with “I Love NY” emblazoned just below her thirty-six “D” cup.  She has a nice strut, an exaggerated double bump when she heels up.  She knows I have been watching her this past half-hour and I am deliberately staying with the view.  It is a nice diversion from the seething anger I am holding down from this cesspit of bribe-taking staff fleecing desperate customers of their “deperado” money, a need that has to be plugged even though a right to be demanded.

I am where I am because I insisted on my right to pay the listed fee at the cashier’s desk and not part with cash to an officer in a small office, where all they were doing when I arrived at 11am was eating “pregnant women only” community waakye.  I have been approached by at least three people, asking if they can help me in any way.  I refuse persistently, so Dufie is now joined as my unvoiced companion in a fight against the establishment she has not thought of bucking. Read the rest of this entry »

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