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The Blinkards in Flagstaff House. Critical News, 24th February 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on February 24, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Friday night 8pm, I am looking for a taxi to get into Accra.  I live on McCarthy Hill and sometimes I don’t not feel like driving into the city.  Standing by the side, a trotro curb-stops and a young woman, maybe 28, gets down with a child on her back and another in tow.  She makes sure to mention to the “aplanke” that she has luggage in the back.  With the child balanced securely, she takes out two bunches of plantain, a sack full of cassava, and a basket of other food items.  She then hauls all these and a carry bag to the side with the help of her six-year-old and starts the hassle for another trotro to take her to Lapaz.  She carefully counts the agreed fare and I shudder with guilt.  Her fare from Kasoa is one cedi eighty pesewas, protected in her white “religious” handkerchief. She can’t afford to lose a pesewa of this money.  The taxis are asking for twenty cedis to go to Accra, a fare that used to be ten.  I abandon my two-hundred-cedi expenditure program, uncomfortable with the disparity in our spending priorities, and turn back home.  This defined the State of my Nation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Press Statement From The Coalition On The Right To Information (RTI) Ghana On The Status Of The RTI Bill

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 19, 2012

On behalf of the Coalition on the Right to Information (RTI) in Ghana, which has been advocating for the passage of a RTI law for Ghana for several years now, we hereby wish through the media to draw the attention of the good people of Ghana to the following developments on the RTI Bill.

We find this necessary as a result of certain events that make us doubt the assurances we have received that the Parliamentary Select Joint Committee has adopted most of the views of the public on amendments to the Bill and the further assurance from the Majority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Cletus Avoka, that the Bill will be passed into law before Parliament goes on recess at the end of July. Read the rest of this entry »

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