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Ghana Ain’t Working Folks!

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 8, 2011

By Frank Yaw Ohemeng,

It is a slowly dawning fact that Ghana ain’t working and the very fabric of the nation is in tatters. The Police are politically-controlled, unsanitary conditions abound everywhere, street lamps are without bulbs, traffic lights are out, roads are pot-holed and every road junction is a bottleneck. Taking a short trip through the nation’s capital is an arduous task that could take you the best part of two hours. The country is polarised along political and tribal lines and the President is doing nothing to help matters. Every time he has had the opportunity to bring the nation together, he has woefully failed. The Police have become an automaton controlled by the political classes. It is baffling that the Ghana Police would be willing to arrest an NPP sympathiser who said unflattering things about the President but do not see the need to apply the same laws to people allied to the President who say worse things against opposition politicians. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ghana Government in Investment Chaos

Posted by Business in Ghana on October 24, 2010

From IMANI-Ghana ( & AfricanLiberty.Org

So that there is no room for ambiguity, we want to repeat that we support this and previous governments’ strategy of using public – private partnerships (PPPs)as a principal means of delivering major development-related capital investments.

We think PPPs offer an elegant and powerful approach of leveraging the profit-seeking impulses of private actors for public benefit through increased financial support for the provision of public goods like roads, utilities, schools and hospitals.

Since the mid-90s when plans for outright privatisation of major development infrastructure were bungled through the overreaching zeal of immature technocrats, we have as a nation come round to the belief that even those areas once held to belong to the exclusive jurisdiction of governments can do with some private sector efficiency. Read the rest of this entry »

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