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King Rat. Critical News, 23rd August 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 23, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Let me spin you a story, from a long time ago in my life. Many decades ago as a young lad just entered Accra Academy in 1966, I was courted by an old friend, now deceased, to become a Boy Scout. Berko is long gone, but he made an impact on my life, especially because my recruitment into Accra Academy Boy Scouts was premised on the possibility that I might be good gay fodder for the leader.

I was very young and I dare say, a very sweet chap at the time, but very clear on my sexuality. Anyway, I was recruited into the scouts and rose to be it’s eventual leader and I dare say a very good scout in the end.

But this story is not about Berko, it is about Percival (his real name, also deceased), which story is sad, but very relevant in my today.

We were at camp in Aburi, camping and training for the upcoming inter-scout marching and activity competition and the stakes were high, we the incumbent champions the past three years wanting to stamp our authority on the event. Little did we know after we had pitched tents in the evening that this was to be marred with a major calamity.

Percival and me were the quartermasters for the weekend, and we had responsibility to keep the campsite clean and the scouts happily fed.

We had just finished the night meal and wrapped up with cleaning and storing and Percy was going to throw the discarded food into a hole and tidy up. I headed for my tent.

I didn’t get there. From behind, screaming and yelling, a person in extreme agony and distress. I grabbed a stick and cutlass and started running back towards the quartermaster tent, from whence the shouting. In my wake, Berko and a few others all scared but boldly racing to assist. Read the rest of this entry »

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Same Shame, Again. Critical News, 16th August 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 17, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I am so disappointed in where we are as a country, my mind has switched to far out places where the oceans are more tranquil, the breeze more soothing and the food divine and enticing. Where lobster over a grill is served with a glass of medium sweet white wine and music tinkles in the background without jarring your senses and disturbing the taste buds. The women are classily clad showing off parts that guarantee a night of near perfect ecstasy, because it is the right ambience to a tasty end.

Where the night is lit all the time, the air conditioning runs twenty-four hours and the water is clean, fresh and flowing all the time; the pool shimmers with cool water and a gentle breeze invites you to ever so elegantly dip yourself into the water, energizing your body for another tomorrow.

Because this is what they have in Singapore. Why can’t I have it in Ghana? Why should my life remain so miserable and fraught with so many blunders and blanks, that I am constantly thinking back to the good times rather than looking beyond my horizons and dreaming of a more improved Ghana?

But my mood moved down gear, a mild depression engulfing my thoughts and preventing me from adding more vim to my everyday increasing commitments. I am tired and I am struggling to keep a pace commensurate with my abilities.

The system is beating me down. Read the rest of this entry »

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Political “AshinↃ”Waist Beads. Critical News, 19th August 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 19, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Sigh of big relief, politics is back as the old funeral rite.  Soon after the niceties were over, the NPP took the stage, spared the new President no punches and welcome to the school of hard knocks Mr. John Mahama.  He is not that new to the jibes and salvos, but this is the hot seat and everything that goes wrong is your fault.  If it goes well, it is to your credit too, whether you helped or not.  So life has returned to near normal.

Except for the documentary or missionary piece running on Crystal TV.  Mr. Crystal Dzirackor and his team at GHOne have decided to run a canonization piece for the late president.  The video starts with the late President Atta Mills walking to the Pearly gates of heaven.  He is lifted on to the staircase by helpers and held aloft by angels as he ascends to the garden of Gethsemane with the rest of the apostles.  Then he rises above them to sit on the right side of God, where he will look after Ghanaians and supervise our deeds.  Now we will win the World Cup, discover more oil and stop the sliding of the cedi.  We will wake up one day and all our roads will be tarred, the potholes will have disappeared, the trash on all the side curbs would have gone and no longer will we have to work for a living.  We will be fed with manna from heaven.  Such is the force to be unleashed by the late President if Crystal TV is allowed by the Most Right Reverends to carry on this kind of nonsense.  May a Christian please call me. Read the rest of this entry »

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