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Sunyani-Memeneda ne FONKAR

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 31, 2011

By Sydney Casely-Hayford,

In the Akan tradition swearing a great oath is a marked feature of court procedure.  Employed as a way of bringing to the notice of a chief, for punishment of a wrong-doer, an offence that has been committed.  An oath usually alludes to a misfortune or disaster of the past, which involved a considerable loss of life to the tribe.

In Akwapim, the main oath is called Wukuda ne Sokode and refers to the great loss by the Akwapims in a town called Sokode about a hundred years ago.  The Great Oath of Ashanti is Kormante ne Memeneda.  It refers to the great loss of lives and defeat of the Ashanti by the Fante in Kormante on a Saturday.

Most oaths refer to tragic events of a kind in the history of an organized group. Read the rest of this entry »

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