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Iliad of Homowo. Critical News, 17th August 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 17, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I am musing behind a bottle of Guinness downtown Palladium, where this year’s Homowo festival is “cholera-ing” enthusiasm. The giddy euphoria of previous years is all but drained by the prospects of an “ebola” gathering; many have made excuses of other commitments, but those of us who have braved the fuel hikes and high cost of a carton of beer, know the real reasons are not too far from the dipping economy.

Bored, yet waiting for the traditional kpokpoi and palm nut soup, for which we have tried to select enough fattened fish to give the festivities some respect, my mind goes to myths and stories and for some reason I wonder what is the real story of Homowo.

I think of the Greek Homer’s Iliad, in which Paris’ love for Helen of Troy (nee Sparta) sparked a ten-year war between the Greeks and Troy and the Trojan horse became an entrenched figure of speech.

Achilles’ heel and eventual rout of Troy is a captivating story of love, avarice, megalomania, allegiance, pride and honor of the Gods, converging into sensitive and touching lessons of mind and brawn, tinged with shiploads of cunning. Read the rest of this entry »

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Enough Said, No More. Critical News, 2nd February 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on February 2, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

On 31st January it rained.  Very hard for two hours.  Accra flooded, Ashaiman changed its streets to mud lanes, ditches and potholes sucked huge gulps of aqua divine and the trotros and taxis had a field day, breaking every road rule they have been stopped from executing with the recent police controls on streets and side walks.

Ashaiman has the enviable reputation of sneezing burning tires, terrorizing their Municipal Chief Executive, Okadas and energetic youth roaming the corners, picking and fleecing inattentive visitors who don’t understand the mixed culture of the community.

I wondered though if Lord nature had found a compassionate strand for Ghana this week, whether it was tears after hearing the truth from one of its apostles, Rt. Rev. Stephen Richard Bosomtwi-Ayensu, Methodist Bishop in Obuasi, and decided to irrigate Accra, not planning, like Mayor Oko Vanderpuye for the flood prone areas.

On a pulpit at the Obuasi Black Park to his congregants and fellow priests, Reverend Bosomtwi-Ayensu simply said enough of all this mess.  He was not angry at the town folk, he was angry at President folk.  The President is slow. It’s as if he and the Government are suffering from stroke. He seems so unconcerned about our suffering. Times are so hard and life is simply unbearable. He must wake up to realities and stop sleeping on the job”. Read the rest of this entry »

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