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With greater transparency, Ghana could increase its earnings from mining and oil

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 19, 2013

 ACCRA, May 15, 2013  Ghana has taken important steps to improve mining governance and limit corruption, but the government still fails to give citizens the information they need to make sure they are getting a good deal from mining companies, according to a new governance index released today.

Revenue Watch Institutes Resource Governance Index measures the quality of governance in the oil, gas and mining sector of 58 countries worldwide. Each country on the Index, from top-ranked Norway to last-place Myanmar, is judged on four criteria: legal framework, transparency levels, checks and balances and its broader governance context.

Ghana ranked 15th out of 58 countries and earned the highest score in sub-Saharan Africa, reflecting major reforms to improve competition and transparency in the mining sector. However, while lawmakers are required to oversee the industry, they often lack the resources to do so effectively, and contracts between mining companies and the government are still kept secret from the public. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ghanas Mining Taxes: Are they New and Adequate?

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 17, 2011

By Alhassan Atta-Quayson, Third World Network  Africa

Ghanas 2012 National Budget Statement and Economic Policy proposed, among others, to bring the following changes to mining operations in the country: increase corporate tax rate from 25% to 35%; install a windfall tax of 10%; and implement a uniform regime for capital allowance of 20% for five years. It also sought to review the principle of ring-fencing to prevent companies undertaking a series of projects from deducting costs from new projects against profitable ventures yielding taxable income. This was commended by the National Coalition on Mining and the Ghana Mineworkers Union as part of steps urgently needed to improve the contribution of the sector to the economy and people of Ghana. However the Chamber of Mines have gone on the offensive, indicating that the mining sector is already over-taxed and such initiatives are only inimical to their operations. But are these taxes really new as the industry would want Ghanaians to believe and more importantly adequate in ensuring equitable distribution of Ghanas mineral wealth? I offer my opinion Read the rest of this entry »

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