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And You Want To Govern Us? Critical News, 24th August 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 24, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I lost another good friend, Saturday. Dan Kermah, brilliant movie and documentary maker and director passed away at the Korle Bu hospital from a myriad of complications. It bears a sadness, difficult to detach and so wound-fresh it affects everything around you and yours.

He fought his last days buoyed by faith of family and the care of dedicated medical staff, whose only fall back was that Dan himself would find the strength to hold back the tow to the next world and stay to dedicate himself to what was left of his life’s work, which clearly was a few more years yet. But he could not hold on, Dan, rest in peace.

In life, we trust doctors who take the trouble to ask and answer questions with care, and show that they understand what the problem is and that they can explain the limits of available treatments.

We trust journalists who take trouble to provide evidence and sources for their claims, and who publish prompt corrections if they get things wrong.

We trust Kenkey sellers who make claims about quality and accept that they have prepared the favorite “ga komi” with minimum aflatoxin, which with the black shito and shrimp is cholera free and ebola sterilized.

We trust teachers who explain what they are doing, listen to comments from parents and pupils, and provide intelligible feedback to them.

We don’t trust politicians who speak with forked tongue, promise what they can’t deliver, explain their policies and difficulties with abandoned caution, and visibly try to hide what they have not delivered and promised. Read the rest of this entry »

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