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Congress of the Congressors. Critical News, 13th October 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on October 14, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

This week I must start from where I usually end.  “Ghana, aha aye de papa”.  We are in democratic turbulence, good mayhem, sanity tinted with shades of crazy.  Some people are losing it, others are befuddled and some of us are watching from the sidelines, observing history unfold.  I was a mature young man in 1972 when Kutu Acheampong staged his thoughtless coup.  I was old enough through the Rawlings 1979 treason putsch and I have tagged along with the politics of this country since.  We are in a democracy, the experimenting is over. Read the rest of this entry »

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You Turn, Utong. Pees Chasing Cee. Critical News, 30th September 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 30, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I need more detail on the NPP’s financial solution to free SHS.  I want the scheme in place, I have 4 wards in various stages of school and I feel the pinch severely when term starts.  On average, it costs no less than ghc200 even if it is a Government assisted school.  Textbooks, exercise books, school uniforms, bags, shoes, transport fares, and it goes on.  The way I am looking at it, if I get to save that money with a free education policy, I get to have minimum disposal income of some ghc2,400 per year (200cedis x 4wards x thrice a year).  It works out more than that, but using this as a thought, can you imagine the lighter load parents will have?  That is why it is absolutely important that this can happen.  It matters not which party does it, I just would like to see it happen.  But the numbers are not yet clear to me and I have not heard a very well thought out financial plan from the CPP or NPP or PPP.  The NDC is not offering free SHS education on the grounds that it cannot be done for at least 20 years ala their education minister.  The idea is long overdue. Read the rest of this entry »

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