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Dompe Chronicles. Critical News, 10th April 2016

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 11, 2016

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

My two dogs are fighting. They are direct siblings from the same stock, not much difference between the two and are well matched in size, speed, performance and guile. The fighting has been going for some weeks now and it has intensified as they grow bigger and bolder, jockeying for which will become the alpha male. Nothing I do and no matter what punishment, they will find a place and something to fight over.

I expected this would happen, but my approach was to rear them together as playmates, from the same litter and eliminate any animosity because they would hunt together, bark together and seek out trespassers together.

I am not so naïve to think they will never fight over something and of course the inevitable mating season as they mature is bound to create havoc, but for a short while. That day has not even come yet.

So the fighting started over some pieces of chicken bones. The usually quiet one, fed up with being bullied, rallied against the other only to find that he had been retreating for no good reason. He could match the slightly bigger in strength and speed and even won the first fight. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rawlings too is Corrupt

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 21, 2008

The former Senior Minister Mr. John Henry Mensah has stated that former President Rawlings has no moral right to accuse the NPP government of corruption when he and the PNDC government did worse things. “If the former President is not corrupt, then how come a whooping sum of $7 million went missing under his supervision,” he asked. According to him, Mr. Rawlings owes Ghanaians an explanation as to how $7 million cash got missing from a total of $10 million, secured by the government of Ghana for the refurbishment of Tema Food Processing Factory.

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