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Countdown To The Pink Sheet Count. Critical News, 1st June 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 2, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

This is so frustrating and I wonder if I can ever get over it.  Institutions in Ghana commit to delivering solutions without a care to a promise.  We citizens are beholden to this unique group of handicapped managers who know they are incapable of delivering what they promise.  Deep down, we also know they are not capable, but we hang on to a string of hope that just mayhaps, some unknown phenomenon will enable ECG to meet a timetable for load shedding scheduled to end this week (my week ends on Saturday).  I am not as gullible, so I woke up at 4am Sunday, noted a few points pending a switch on, which went out at 6.30pm last night.  Since then, four flickers of light, thirty seconds each.  From experience we switch off all appliances soon as the lights go out, cheaper than buying a new fridge or deep freezer.  But should I have to live this way?  This is the twenty-first century for Christ sake and I am competing with other parties interested in supporting the same international clients I am courting.  The damage control I have to go through just to maintain the client does not leave any space to do the work itself.  I am constantly emotionally exhausted, clinically fatigued and mentally sapped at the end of every week.  My Sundays used to be leisurely, easy, calm and relaxing, looking forward to the occasional visitor dropping in unexpectedly and making life a worthwhile trip.  But this? This is just “knaff”, to borrow a very Cockney expression. Read the rest of this entry »

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