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NDC Seals Its Fate in 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 20, 2010

Ghana woke up this morning to the news that outspoken Acting News Editor of Joy Fm, Kwame Ato Dadzie has been charged with the criminal offence of publishing false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to the public.  Joy Fm carried a story on GREDA executives who they claimed had pulled out of their disagreement with Government over the Korea STX deal.  Parliament subsequently withdrew the contract document on the advice of the President for review.  However the Police Administration acting on its mandate of protecting the citizens of Ghana invited Ato Kwamena to disclose the persons behind the threat. He refused and a docket has been sent to the Attorney General’s office for “advice”.  Speaking on Joy Fm this morning, Prof. Kwame Karikari reminded listeners of previous threats to press freedom, to be guarded jealously after the hard fight of past years.  ASP Akwasi Adu of the police PR department was on air with Joy Fm to explain that this is a police initiative and has nothing to do with Government.  Government has expressed its displeasure with the news report and last week cautioned about the unsubstantiated news story from Joy FM.

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Fire in Toronto, Ghanaian youth mowed down mecillessly

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 27, 2008

In the jungle world of guns, sex, booze, and drugs, death often comes, suddenly in a brazen hail of bullets in dark alleys, in forgotten and forbidden places, where only the brave can tread. The victims and killers often know each other pretty well; your very friends. They would take you down to what police calls, drug call down. Drug call down is a call to death, often tricked and taken there by one of your trusted friends, simply because you might have broken some of the codes of the drug trade, sealed and signed by blood. You die if you rat or snitch to the police. You die if you refuse to push some drug. You die if you dilute the drug. You die if you are tardy in drug payment. And you die if you bed the girlfriends of your friends behind bars. Hard to imagine such low lives have such strong codes of conduct. This is the minefield some Ghanaian youth have fallen into.

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