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Political “AshinↃ”Waist Beads. Critical News, 19th August 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 19, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Sigh of big relief, politics is back as the old funeral rite.  Soon after the niceties were over, the NPP took the stage, spared the new President no punches and welcome to the school of hard knocks Mr. John Mahama.  He is not that new to the jibes and salvos, but this is the hot seat and everything that goes wrong is your fault.  If it goes well, it is to your credit too, whether you helped or not.  So life has returned to near normal.

Except for the documentary or missionary piece running on Crystal TV.  Mr. Crystal Dzirackor and his team at GHOne have decided to run a canonization piece for the late president.  The video starts with the late President Atta Mills walking to the Pearly gates of heaven.  He is lifted on to the staircase by helpers and held aloft by angels as he ascends to the garden of Gethsemane with the rest of the apostles.  Then he rises above them to sit on the right side of God, where he will look after Ghanaians and supervise our deeds.  Now we will win the World Cup, discover more oil and stop the sliding of the cedi.  We will wake up one day and all our roads will be tarred, the potholes will have disappeared, the trash on all the side curbs would have gone and no longer will we have to work for a living.  We will be fed with manna from heaven.  Such is the force to be unleashed by the late President if Crystal TV is allowed by the Most Right Reverends to carry on this kind of nonsense.  May a Christian please call me. Read the rest of this entry »

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The President is sick. Take it or Leave it

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 3, 2012

By  Daniel Danquah Damptey,

Sickness is not something we wish for ourselves, not even for our worst enemies. As long as we remain mortal, sickness and diseases will remain part and parcel of our life. I see nothing wrong with someone falling ill. An Akan axiom says that “Se woton wo yarea a na wonya ano aduro”. Translated literally, it means if you tell people your ailments, you get medicine for it.

The prevalent disease in both my maternal and paternal families is diabetes.  Almost every sibling of my mother suffered or is suffering from that disease. Two out of my seven surviving siblings are known carriers of that disease. I went for the test and it came out negative. But that was a little over a year ago.

The diabetic trait in the family has made us all conscious of how we lead our lives. We have also become each other’s keeper. Personally, I like sweet things and my family is always on me to cut down on the quantity of sweet intake in my diet. But this is something which affects the Damptey family and the ordinary people of Abomoso. I cannot say so about other families. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ablakwabish, Mills and The Resurrection. Critical News, 1st July 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 1, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I have two “did they hear me’s” this week.  Martin Amidu has taken up personally what they would not allow him to do as Attorney General.  I said a couple of weeks back that Martin must give back to the tax payer through his vigilante crusade, what we paid for him to become a lawyer.  This week, I read his salvo to the Supreme Court, I am still grinding my way through it, but I think the gist of his petition does what the AG should be doing to ensure that Agbesi Woyome is essentially prosecuted to the fullest and is clearly found guilty (paraphrasing mine).  So, I feel vindicated.

When the Supreme Court fixes a date for the hearing, I urge all Ghanaians to make their way to the Court halls and I dare Government to declare a holiday and place large screen TVs out in the gardens for the spill over.  I dare Government.  We will have our own Martin day and the taxpayer’s money will not have been in vain.  Will other “Martins” please stand up?  We need you now. Read the rest of this entry »

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Messing Up 1 Thorpe Street, Critical News, 10th June 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 11, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Koku Anyidoho is still employed.  Betty Mould Iddrissu is still walking free, Martin Amidu did not make a comment about my call to honour the tax-payers investment in his life and therefore his allegiance to the people who have looked after him all these years and educated him and the ECG Director never lost his job as per Koku’s instructions.  However, Alfred Agbesi Woyome was discharged and then re-arrested on different charges of causing financial loss to the state through fraudulent means. What can I say, the saga continues.  But at whose expense? Read the rest of this entry »

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Critical News 18th July 2010

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 18, 2010

The week in Ghana ends with the JoyFm political news program “Newsfile” now hosted by Kwaku SakyiAddo.  Last week, the studio raged with the Rawlings’ home situation after Nana Konadu had come on air to tell Ghanaians how she and his “Jerryship” were not living together because Government had until now not given them alternative accommodation.  Well, it turned out not to be exactly true, but the two and a half hour discussion took up most of the three-hour program and other news was left to fester till the this week. Read the rest of this entry »

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