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Adopting A Common External Tariff, Ecowas States Move Closer To Customs Union

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 4, 2013

By Joe Lamport

Once a month or so, an employee of Mamma Mia’s pizzeria in Accra, Ghana, drives three hours to Lomé in neighboring Togo to stock up on supplies for the popular restaurant. The reason is simple, and one that almost every business owner (and most consumers) understands: lower prices.

“The prices are usually much lower in Lomé than Accra,” the employee said, “so we go there to stock up on cheese and other ingredients.”

Stories of wide price variations across the region are common, according to Lori Brock, an international trade expert who has studied the region’s economy.

“I was amazed that you could buy batteries in, say, Nigeria or Senegal for about 50 cents and the same batteries in Accra would cost two or three dollars,” she said. Likewise bicycle tires in Ghana cost about 4 GHS ($2), while in Senegal they cost about 7,000 CFA ($14) and in Nigeria cost about 5,000 Naira ($31). Read the rest of this entry »

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What the World Bank should know about Ghana’s Success Stories

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 1, 2010

By Thompson Ayodele, Imani and

Two decades ago, the rest of the world saw Africa as a hopeless continent. Today Ghana is one of Africa’s success stories.  Its economy, spurred by a thriving private sector, has grown on average by over 6 percent a year for the past five years. A significant part of this growth has been fueled by the success of the country’s palm oil industry, with over 300,000 hectares of land currently under cultivation.

Palm oil provides a major source of employment and revenue for Ghanaian smallholders, with 27,000 farmers engaged in the industry. The Ghanaian government recognizes the huge role palm oil plays in the economy, investing more than $3 million in the industry so far, and recently announcing a “master plan” to support expanded production. Read the rest of this entry »

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NDC, Lying With The Truth

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 7, 2010

A year ago on 10th July 2009, I wrote an article attacking NDC public truths. NDC Big and Small Lies Will Un-Make the Party.   Actually walking the soil and riding Mass Metro Transit, Tro-Tro and taxis in Ghana, trying to make sense out of the complex economic chains, is an eye opener of how the macro and micro economic environments are separate from each other.  Ghana is two economies.  The macro numbers, which capture the attention of academia, the donor community and the regulatory authorities and the micro economy, where 80% of Ghanaians live and struggle to make a living.  In stark contrast to each other, visualize the banking hall of Stanchart, Ecobank, Barclays or any of the others and juxtapose that against the trade paths in Makola and Mallam markets or the lines of kiosks on the road sides of Odorkor and Palladium and other peri-urban communities. Read the rest of this entry »

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