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Tillipology. Critical News, 19th July 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 20, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I am bursting to tell you this. Somewhere in the area where resides Nkonya, there is a street called Ososo-Kusumpo Street. This name insults the definition of “street”, and I doubt very much if the person(s) who defined street had this in mind as a perfect and long lasting descriptive of what we all would recognize as a street when you receive directions.

Ososo-Kusumpo street sign is mounted just before a kiosk that marks the beginning of the road, adjacent and off part of the Eastern corridor network. All along that highway, there are many streets, avenues and lanes, and they all go no place. This Ososo street leads nowhere. It starts and stops with the sign in front of the kiosk. You might be forgiven if you do not see the word street, it could be the name of the kiosk, but this is clearly a marked street.

First, you and I will not be there to tell this story, were it not for the matter I had to attend to in that area I would have no inkling that directions to Ososo-Kusumpo St. would end in the gutter.

This is no joke. Driving through the connecting road, from Kpandu to Jasikan and beyond, we amused ourselves, regaled with laughter at the audacity of the street-namers, who must all have juicy contracts from the District or the Municipality, to develop as many sign posts as possible in order that riches can be identified in one bank account and the other.

But the scam was very obvious. So many of the signs simply lead nowhere or even if they did, the designation of what is a street or lane was completely ignored. Read the rest of this entry »

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