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Plenty Men Shall Fall That Day. Critical News, 23rd June 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 23, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

My sincerest apologies to Tony Lithur.  Some awkward sentence construction from last week, prompted my old buddy to drop me a complaint email.  I admit my sentence made it read as if he was part of the team of lawyers referred to the General Legal Council, which was not the case.  So, apologies in order.

This week, I should say what I have been planning for ages.  Praise to the Ghana Police MTTU unit.  If you have not noticed, they are doing a really splendid job these days.  Even on Sundays.  It is what we need to make the city worth living in and traveling round.  If you have some sway over Department of Urban Roads, it might be worthwhile to point out to them (DUR) that parking control, pedestrian walkways, removing rubbish dumps and hawkers from the streets will go a long way to making your work much easier and more fulfilling.  Don’t ask the Mayor.

Somehow Mayor Oko Vanderpuye, despite failing to properly manage the capital city in all ways, pulled a fast one on the Ga Chiefs and Assemblymen who suddenly think he makes the best fufu and light soup ever.  What I saw on TV, they were up in arms, baying for his neck.  Next thing he was waving a drawing of their new offices and palace, then, news flash; all complaints of disrespect, dictatorship, incompetence and heaped ailments disappeared and turned calamity to a praise and worship session.  Reminded me of the Church of Pentecost service I graced mid-week. Read the rest of this entry »

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