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I Accuse You. Critical News, 27th September 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 28, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Turmoil! A country struggling to find its feet and claim back its nobility, turns to its Coat of Arms and philosophically wonders, “where did we take the wrong turn”? Somewhere after the fight for independence and our fanaticism for dumping accolades of meaningless praise on leaders, we ignored the fair principles of equity and fairness in our lives.

Freedom and Justice. How many times haven’t we as a people taken pride of place in our lead as the Black Star and how many times haven’t we failed to follow through on justice and claim our right to fairness as should be in a modern democratic society.

I rail against any who say this country is not ready for a democracy and flail those who claim that we would be better off asking for white rule and a return to the colonial empire.

The mistake we have made all these years, is to allow the political class to keep repeating the “seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be added” mantra. Never was a more misguided clause echoed in a plethora of deliveries, to make it sound and mean right.

Look where it has gotten us? A forthcoming crusade from one the even more corrupt churches, should be held and called “Judgment Day Goats Miracle Crusade”. It will be fitting in today’s Ghana.

Where and how does it all start? Read the rest of this entry »

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Dumsor With Goat Light Soup. Critical News, 15th March 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 15, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

You cannot of course, eat a live goat, how much more make a soup with it to go with your fufu. The goat must be dead, and to be on the safe side you must have some light to see the goat head in the soup if you are not to choke on splintered bones.

This is not an adage, just plain commonsense, which spice has been in short supply in Ghana these past few years, making the goat soup much lighter than usual.

President Mahama’s attempt at a joke in Gabarone must be mixed with a lot of regret at this time, in the aftermath of the way the press here latched onto his wisecrack and made serious matter out of what he said, which clearly amused his audience as they clapped his humor. You can cut and paste this URL into a browser and listen for yourself.

It was clearly an intended joke, but I think it backfired big time. Firstly, the “communications expert” as we like to acknowledge should definitely have known better. On the back of his now infamous “yen tie obiaa” and other digs at his country folk, I think he deserves every sound bite against him. He is only lucky that the opposition NPP have not made more of the gaff than they could.

To say you are no longer pervious to the protests of the people of the country, to indirectly admit that you have pandered to the election pressure and have consciously thrown national budgets out of gear in order to ensure continued stay in office, is clearly a gross dereliction of duty and a betrayal of the mandate we gave him under the constitution to manage the economy of this country efficiently and to the benefit of Ghanaians. Read the rest of this entry »

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Conversations With The State And Judgment Debt

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 28, 2013


In those days,

Amidu’s woes were probably,

Woyome’s cruise


Think my son, think!

Think not like the crab

who lost its head

by trying to save its ears

on following friends, think

Read the rest of this entry »

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Before Election Results Are, Pink Sheets Is. Critical News, 16th June 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 16, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Citizen Vigilante had his day in court, Citizen Vigilante won his day in court.  Martin Amidu took his case against Waterville and Woyome and in no uncertain terms, the Supreme Court gave its ruling and clawed back $47million.  Even though they deferred to the lower courts to decide on Woyome, they fired a critical salvo against lawyers in the cases, Peasah Boadu for Waterville, Osafo Buabeng for Woyome, Tony Lithur for Austro Invest and maybe Ekow Awoonor who acted as sole mediator between parties with then AG Betty Mould Iddrissu.  They referred matters to the Legal Council and we expect some action.  I am thrilled that perhaps this is a signal to Ghanaians that our Supreme Court has found wings to cleanse the timidity stigma, asserting their self-ruling judgment in contrast to lugging government wishes.  Two things.  The Supreme Court restoring confidence in its independence and Martin persevering to the end and securing the verdict that all were skeptical the Supreme Court would scupper.  So after I heard this, I wondered if President Mahama talking to his NDC family, which is no big deal, could upset the Judges, making them think he was trying to influence their decision.  Might they rather tow a hard line, slighted by his presumptiveness and belittling their intelligence? Read the rest of this entry »

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Inhale, Hold it, Hold it ……… WOYOME! Critical News, 23rd December 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 23, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

This past week Mr. J. K. Zormelo was moved to insult me for bringing up what I considered critical news for the week.  He posted a comment to my blog, labeled me a “bigot” and a “very bitter person”.  Read it here.  I was amused and provoked enough to reply his comment.  I hope I got it right, but sometimes writing a piece does not cover all the thoughts adequately and it can turn long-winded and tortuous, but I am impressed that he wrote and gave me an opportunity to explain a little more of my thoughts.  You are welcome Mr. Zormelo.

Next Sunday I will write the final Critical News for the year.  The NPP would have filed their case by then and we will have a lot to “talk” about.  Before then I am looking ahead and wondering.  What happens if the NPP presents a solid case and convinces the Supreme Court that it was a fraudulent election?  The judges have one of three actions to make.  Ask President Mahama to step down and out, direct for a re-vote, ask that President Mahama stay on as President and the EC must ensure that we have a clean and no-rigging protest in 2016. Read the rest of this entry »

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The NDC Cannot Win The Election: Why?. Critical News, 2nd December 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 2, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

At this same time next week, each one of us will know whether our prediction for the election is correct.  We are voting on Friday 7th December and despite all the noise and fear of violence and war, we are forging ahead with our own checks and balances and traditional peace pipes that have smoked in Ghana for long.  By next Sunday when I sit down to write another Critical piece, Ghana will either have a new President, elected an incumbent or deferred the decision for another 21 days to the end of December.  I have no intention of sitting on the analyst’s fence this last week.  If the election goes a second round, and I believe it will, the NDC will not win another term.

Here are my reasons, you can judge whether I have seen it coming accurately or not. Read the rest of this entry »

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Woyo 2 PaC, and NDP Protagonists. Critical News, 16th September 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 16, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

We finally did what Ghana does best when we are in dire straits.  We deflected the intervention to the Clergy and a “Collective National Consciousness” to resolve a looming constitutional crisis with religious persuasion.  After the TUC, CDD, GII and others including former Finance Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo added their pleas, the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, chose to stay with the law.  “District-Four-Five” has dragged Parliamentarians to work during their break, with complaints from many of them that there really is no work to do.  This week, we lost a couple of days because papers for discussion were not ready and therefore no business could be traded.  Then again we had no quorum in the house and Parliament failed to sit.   The NPP minority claim the only reason Parliament is back is for CI78 to mature.  The NDC say there is other business, yet when Parliament was recalled, I distinctly heard the Government side say it was to ensure that the CI78 would get the mandatory 21 days sitting.  This week, I have had it up to my chin about this 45 districts matter.  The Supreme Court has set Wednesday 19 September to hear the interlocutory injunction to stop Parliament from discussing CI78.  There are several other cases piling up on the same and related matter and the Supreme Court has to rise to the level of conscious urgency we require.  This is not the time to stay within a strict holiday regime. Read the rest of this entry »

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Campaign Waiver. Critical News, 22nd July 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 23, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I am weary this week.  The Woyome case is not moving at an adequate pace, and because I am hoping that some big names will be dropped so we can move the democracy process ahead, I am weary with the slowly developing case.  The Supreme Court is also yet to fix a date to hear Martin Amidu’s challenge on the illegality of the case (Woyome) and it looks like we are heading for a limp Parliamentary recess.  Parliament rises next week, due back in October, and we do not have too many calendar days to voting day.  I love it when Parliament recesses with mega issues to close the year so when the Minority in Parliament created a big palaver this week to do with a Constitutional Instrument regarding the creation of 45 new districts, I kind of perked up a bit.  But I am weary.  Water issues, electricity dom so, dom so, judgment debt here today, challenged tomorrow?  I am feeling the grind of non-deliverables. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Routine” Cash Shortage, Critical News, 24th June 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 25, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

This week, Alfred Agbesi Woyome is in court in two separate places.  Judge Barbara Ackah-Ayensu sits on the commercial court of his trial and Judge Ajet-Sam is handling the criminal side.  The first witness in the stand Mangowa Ghanney seems as confused as I am from her own statements.  Not sure whether the news reporting is accurate enough, I decided to attend court the other day and I could not make head or tail of where this prosecution witness was heading.  Later when I read what showed up in print, I was even more confused.  First she said she had no time to write a desk report because she had to travel and then she said she did write a memo with her recommendations.  So I am not sure whether I heard the whole truth or just half of it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Messing Up 1 Thorpe Street, Critical News, 10th June 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 11, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Koku Anyidoho is still employed.  Betty Mould Iddrissu is still walking free, Martin Amidu did not make a comment about my call to honour the tax-payers investment in his life and therefore his allegiance to the people who have looked after him all these years and educated him and the ECG Director never lost his job as per Koku’s instructions.  However, Alfred Agbesi Woyome was discharged and then re-arrested on different charges of causing financial loss to the state through fraudulent means. What can I say, the saga continues.  But at whose expense? Read the rest of this entry »

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