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Mubarak and James Agyenim-Boateng Must GO

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

Since the inception of the Prof John Atta-Mills government, it is becoming increasing clear by the day that the President has been dithering over a number of issues. He has been dithering on key economic policy initiatives, over his appointments and matters relating to the security and safety of Ghanaians. Where there is the need for a clear policy direction, the Mills administration comes out with poignant explanations that leave more questions than answers. However, what appears to be apparent is that President J E Atta-Mills may be somewhat eager to do well. He thinks he can smile his way to a better Ghana. His message has always been the same whether he is talking to chiefs, NUGS executive, in London or in Bawku. He appears to only talk about the need for integrity and transparency and how public officials will be held responsible for their actions in his quest to build a better Ghana. We want to let Mills know that goodwill and pontification alone cannot lead to a better Ghana. President Mills must provide leadership and effective policies for Ghana to move forward. Again, it does not take a genius to work out that the NDC message, time and energy is principally directed at the previous NPP government though the NDC administration has consistently denied this. This obsession to pursue the previous NPP administration has paralysed the NDC administration into a state of comatose and ineffectiveness. The cabinet has become dysfunctional rendering the Prof J E Atta-Mills’ government completely dysfunctional. The government is falling apart in front of our very eyes.

Marlon Anipa


5 Responses to “Mubarak and James Agyenim-Boateng Must GO”

  1. Very nice and interesting views expressed there. I have a very different opinion.

    You are really sure that the President is dithering on issues? Lets do some situation change here. If you were the President what would you have done? Clearly an easy question with an obvious answer. You will fire Hon. Mubarak. Fine, when you do not have a full understanding of all the issues? My God, we should be excited about the President’s cautious move in trying to get a better understanding of the context to inform the decision he will be taking. Why do you want him to rush?
    I saw you credentials as an NPP person. I wondered why you stated that because that denies you any credibility to speak about the President the way you are doing. Tell me what did the NPP do when it had the chance to fire some of its blatantly and nauseatingly corrupt Ministers. The President sat comfortably in his office and asked for evidenc. Even when he was presented with it he passed the buck and told Ghanaians that the individual must rather take the offending Minister to Court. He even refused to listemn to calls from his own party memebers who complained bitterly about his Ministers being corrupt. He did nothing and in my view he presided over corruption in clear violation of his own zero tolerance for corruption mantra.
    Please dont let us get to the past. This Government is on a course to ensure that old practices are stopped. It is preparing a new phase for politics in Ghana. Some people like you will never understand and with your tongues in your cheek and in shameless and pretentious dispositions that indicate that you have the country at heart are carefully weaving a dangerous web to trap the President. I want to assure you that this will not fly. The President will take his time to do things and ensure that there is a real and true application of the rule of law. He has made the Right decision by asking the Minister to proceed on leave while investigations are going on. If you cannot understand this process or even have the patience to go along with the President, keep your trick alternatives to yourself and allow the President space to govern according to his style. After all the NPP had 8 years, it did very little about corruption. This government is still only 6months old. So leave it alone!!!

    James Agyenim Boateng lied? Are you indicating that the lawyers of alleged corrupt Mpiani were not at the BNI? They were present in the BNI and that is what James is refering to. Whatever the situation. A new approach has been adopted. Mpiani can now go and speak and if he is confident that he has done nothing wrong, he should stay in Ghana for the full course of the Committees work and the Government White Paper released.
    We are all watching. If I were you, I would shut up and watch issues unfold.

  2. Cozy said

    Marlon, stick to wiping the backside of old mental patients in London and don’t prostitue in affairs which you do not have the relevant knowldge and skill.
    What do you know about politcs. Whilst Prof was busy producing brilliant laywers, you were busy seizing hard working business peoples’ money at Hohoe in the 80’s under the guise of ‘aluta’. What do you realy haver to offer Ghana? I am glad NPP recognises your stupidity and only treat you as a clown since your days in Legon !!!

  3. Moja said

    So-called “Cozy”
    Think you have forgotten when you prematured thing died this so-called clown was there to console you. Your hayred for Marlon is eating you up. Why don’t you show your potency where it matters most?

  4. Cozy said

    Madness creates illusions and it is more potent when it runs in the family album.

  5. Alfred said


    You seem to have everything on the spot. Do you? You need to tell us how you left your job in Living Space? Some dicky bird tells me you were nearly done for sexual harrassment? Is that true? Sort out your sorry life before you try to bring the good name of a good man down

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